Beginner Friendly Casino Games

Mobile has certainly helped online casinos find a huge amount of growth over the past few years and this past year in particular has seen a huge surge of new players make the transition from offline to online alternatives – whilst the same has also been true for betting as these betting sites are available for all players, many of the visitors were already avid bettors whereas for online casinos many of the visitors are increasingly new players. For some of the more competitive titles like Poker, there’s certainly a huge learning curve that may be difficult if you’re just starting out, but that doesn’t mean all games have the same difficulty, so which are the most friendly beginner casino games?

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Slots – One of the most popular choices both online and offline, slots have always been a very beginner friendly option. There’s not much to know other than symbols matching could mean a pay-out – whilst there are variations and different types of slots, as well as all of the specifics that equal a pay-out, they’re simple enough for a reason – to keep you playing. Whilst some online slots may be going through change shortly as the UK Gambling Commission had recently unveiled a package to make online slots more consumer friendly, you’ll be having the same experience for the most part across the board.

Roulette – Another of the big online casino favourites, and another extremely easy game to play. Either pick your colour between red or black, or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous bet on a specific number, the ball is tossed into the roulette table and that’s it – it doesn’t get much easier. With the game being all about chance too, odds typically favour the player a little more with the most simple approach, so not only is it easy to pick up but you can also stand a good chance of winning too.

Blackjack – As a game that provides statistically the best chances of winning for all casino games, this is a no brainer for newcomers – whilst there are variations to this game too, sticking to the classic popularised in movies like “21” will give you the best experience, and with a push forward in online spaces typically offline approaches like card counting aren’t as possible in the online space. One of the big pushes forward for blackjack has been within live dealers too, so if you’re looking to replicate the offline experience to some degree you can try out these versions for something a little different.

With a little time, every game can certainly be beginner friendly, and it’s just about finding the game that best fits your own style, but some will certainly be better suited when just starting out than others.

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