How to Win Rummy Through the Jokers

Learning how to win Rummy is not really difficult. Once you have mastered the fundamental rules of the game, there is actually nothing difficult left. The most important part about winning is getting the last word or proposition by any of your opponents before the time expires. This is the basic technique used to bluff your opponent. Once this technique is mastered by a player, he can sit back and wait for the opportune moment when his opponent will fold or call.

In Indian rummy, a group of at least six cards of a single suit is called as a sequence. There are two types of sequencing; a pure sequence of pure cards and a mixed sequence of mixed cards. Now in order to win the said card game, you require at least one pure card in your hand. Usually, there are four types of sequences, namely; the pure-card sequence where all the cards are of one suit and the other two are of the opposite suit; the two-card-one-card sequence in which there are no two cards of the same suit in a player’s hand and the three-card-two-card sequence which consists of three cards of the same suit and two of the opposite suit.

A pure-card sequence is very simple to learn. All the players spread their hands, making sure that they do not face a competitor who has the upper hand in the starting hand. One of the players looks into the deck and sees that there are three pairs of cards facing down. He then folds his hand because he knows that he will not be able to win the said card game.

The next type of said sequence is the impure or mixed sequence wherein the cards in a player’s hand have a mix of both a pure card and a rare card. Players can face this kind of opponents if they are on the draw. If a player faces such an opponent, then he must know what to do to win a certain amount of points. A player can win by having the highest score after the match. A player with the highest score after the match is declared as the winner of the match. In a rummy game, the player with the highest possible score wins the match.

A joker is also included in the set of pure and impure sequences. It means that there are seven cards in every pack of cards. The joker contains a special rule so that it cannot be selected by a player when the time for choosing has already started. So basically, it is not advisable for a player to directly draw a joker from the deck because there is a possibility that it will be the last card drawn.

In addition to pure and impure jokers, there are also named duplicates of jokers. These kinds of jokers can be used by players when the time for dealing has already started. In most cases, it is better to discard the duplicate joker because it has the ability to make the other two jokers to be discarded. It is also advisable to discard them before they are dealt. So how do you win Rummy? Be a winner and get all the money in the table!

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