Betika Jackpot Bonus

Betika is one of the best offices in the market today, offering a jackpot bonus to its clients. You can deposit and withdraw funds through mobile devices, which makes Betika’s jackpot bonus stand out among other offices. The Betika jackpot bonus is a great way to reduce the cost of playing and to make predictions.

Besides being a great way to make predictions, Betika’s jackpot bonus is also a good way to make a profit when you place bets. The Betika jackpot bonus has a maximum payout of Ksh5 million, which is quite generous. In addition to this, it also gives its customers a chance to win motorbikes on a daily basis.

There are 17 jackpot games in Betika’s jackpot competition, with the grand jackpot being the biggest prize. To win, you must predict the outcome of 17 pre-selected games correctly. If you correctly predict 12 or more games, you can win a jackpot bonus. In addition, there are also bonuses for predicting the correct Jackpot.

Betika jackpot bonus is a rewarding system for Betika customers who wager a minimum of KES 49. To win the jackpot, you must correctly predict between twelve and sixteen games. For example, if you guess eleven games out of the seventeen, you can receive a free bet. If you guess all seventeen games correctly, you can get a bonus of Ksh200.

Despite the high jackpot bonus, you cannot claim the jackpot if you do not have a registered account with the bookmaker. To receive the jackpot, you must register at the bookmaker company, participate in a tournament and meet the other requirements set forth by the Betika website. Then, you can access the full Betika platform and make bets using your phone.

The top jackpot prize is 2.5 million KES. The jackpot will be shared between multiple winners. You must make at least seven matches in order to win the jackpot bonus. If you win one of the jackpot games, you’ll receive a jackpot bonus of 70 percent. But there’s still no guarantee.

You can use Betika’s jackpot bonus to place bets on the results of football matches. For instance, you can bet on the team that has won their last four matches. However, you must ensure that you’re 18 years old or over. Then, you must be resident in Ghana to use the Betika jackpot bonus. In addition, you must have an active account in order to qualify. You can also play for the Betika jackpot bonus on a live stream.

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